May 20, 2001

Killer classes

Both classes this morning went....I would say ‘swimmingly’ but I don’t want to imply anybody fell in the lake. Our Intermediate class is pretty cool but the Beginners really ROCK! For one thing this was the 6th class (of 8) and 15 of our original 16 people showed up. It’s pretty much unheard of not to have about half the class dropped out by this point. Possibly T and I can take some credit (for not scaring them off, at least) but we had awfully good raw materials to work with. I hope a bunch of these people stay with rowing over the longer term, and end up in races and all that.

Had some trouble watching Gladiator last night, with the new laptop’s DVD hooked up to the TV -- the whole setup would go black and we’d have to reboot. I think it might have been that the monitor was set to black out after 15 minutes, and went a bit paranoid trying to do that and play the movie, both at the same time. I’ve set it to "never shut off" when plugged in, and hope that will fix it.

T is off flying at the moment; time for me to do all the errands I generally don’t have time for.


Posted by dichroic at May 20, 2001 01:31 PM
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