August 19, 2005

by the numbers

I. Arrogant Bastard beer comes in really big bottles.

II. Which is a good thing, after you've stayed at work too late on a Friday then received a call at 5:45 screwing you over in relation to a 7AM flight the next day. And insinuating that you need to do all sorts of things your previous flight instructor never mentioned.

III. So it's good when you leave work, remember your husband's at a Happy Hour somewhere, turn around go back to work, reboot the computer to retrieve the email to find where he is, and go therre, to find tha tthe bar serves Arrogant Bastard.

IV. Though it's a bit darker than I was expecting. More of a stout really. But still appropriately named (see #2).

V. However, it's not great for driving home, and especially not great for when your husband calls to say he's going on to a place that has dancing, for "one more beer".

VI. Dammit.

VII. Because sober enough to use Roman numerals is still not really sober enough to drive unnecessarily.

VIII. And that half-marathon I should do first thing in the morning (now I don't have to go flying) means more beer and staying up late isn't a great idea either.

IX. Dammit again.

Posted by dichroic at August 19, 2005 08:59 PM
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