September 09, 2006

quick notes

In case anyone wants it, I believe I have a notify feature working on the new site - the subscribe box is on the lower right there.

Also, the LiveJournal feed from this site, new site, has been redirected to mirror the new site. (LJ was incredibly fast in making that change when I requested it.)

From here on out, unless something goes dreadfully wrong, all new updates will be over there.

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September 07, 2006


Since I really am moving, it seems an appropriate time to move here, too. It's not so much that I got tired of this site, as that the site got tired - it takes forever to update or rebuild, presumably because of the nearly 2200 entries. (When you write just about every day for over 5 years, it mounts up.) This site will stay up and previous archives will remain here, but for all new content,

set your bookmarks to my new site.

Hope to see you all over there.

A quick remark about the Notify list: I tried installing a Notify plugin, but it didn't work. I'll look for others, but in the meantime, you know what? I update just about every day, except weekends. If you check me daily, you'll generally see something new.

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August 19, 2006

quick note

I should note that I've been posting on LJ whenever I want to be able to friendslock or otherwise filter. If you're someone I know virtually or in the flesh and you have an LJ, let me know so I can add you.

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February 18, 2005

background work in progress

I was going to write en entry today about some of the odd things I remember that no one else seems to, but I forgot one of the things I wanted to write about. In the meantime, I'm trying to clean up my list of poems and post a few here that somehow never made it over from my original Diaryland site. I'll post a link when I'm done.

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January 21, 2005

easy peasy

What I've learned today: it really DOES take only 5 minutes to set up WordPress. Well, OK, 10 - but only because I tried to install into a non-empty directory to start with and had to do it again. See?

Of course it will now take me a lot longer to figure out all the niceties, like editing the templates so it looks like us instead of bare-bones default, and figuring how to set up static pages so the front page, member list and so on are a little easier to edit than if I just code them in straight HTML. Still, this was way easier than setting up the current site - though not having to import 3000 old entries may factor into that a little, too.

By the way, is anyone else out there seeing my sidebar below the entries instead of next to them? It's fine on this machine but I just noticed that on the Mac (using Safari) last night and didn't have time to fix it.

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January 19, 2005

software decisions

It's sad but true that I don't understand Movable Type as well as I'd like, which is one reason I'm still running v. 2.663 here. (The other, of course, is - say it with me - lack of free time.) That would be why I'm still getting comment spam, despite having (thought I'd) installed the MT Moderate plugin today, which is supposed to make comments on entries > 7 days old have to be approved. Or possibly the plugin just doesn't work with this version.

This is bubbling up in my consciousness lately because soon I'm going to have to create a webpage for our informal rowing group and I'd like to have a blog as one page on it so we can post regatta reports and photos easily. She-Hulk bought the domain and I said I'd host it here since I've got scads of space and bandwidth for it. I figure the options are:

  • start the new blog within this installation of MT. (Simplest but I don't learn anything plus I probably end up with twice as much comment spam.)

  • Download MT 3.14. (Drawback is I either have to pay $70 for the full-featured version or use the free one which only allows one author - I'd like others to be able to post updates.)

  • Keep this blog on MT and use Wordpress for the new one, then eventually evaluate if I want to switch this one over. (I'm worrying over whether the two installations would conflict, and also if it would be harder to switch this one over later when the other is already started.)
  • Right now, I'm planning for the rowing site to have a front page with basic info, our charter, contact info and links to related sites, another page with our competition schedule, and a blog with regatta reports and photos.

  • Switch to WordPress for both. (But what if I hate it?)
  • Right now I'm leaning to options 2 or 4, but two minutes ago #3 sounded best, so I expect a few more changes of opinion before I decide. Feedback is welcome, especially if you have experience with WP or with installing new updates of MT.

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January 13, 2005


This is a test.

This is only a test.

For the next several lines I will be entering this sort of nonsense. Please ignore this message.

I'm trying to figure out how to get my RSS feed to send out the full text of entries here. I've changed a template and think I need to update to see an updated feed.

I don't know if anyone actually cares about seeing the feed of this site, but just in case I'm trying to make it easier to access. One of these days I may actually do something like updating to a newer version of MT or switching over to one of the other blog-management tools. Though this seems to be working well enough at the moment.

There, that should be long enough.

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