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Today’s dilemma: work from home next week or come in? The ‘home’ in question would be the lake house, Rowell; Ted and probably the cats will be there all week, Ted on vacation and the cats just being cats. I can’t take the time off, but I could work from there. If I don’t, I will have to drive up and back twice myself, so it’s an extra 6 hours or so drive time, plus having to drive the other 6 hours (one round trip) by myself instead of with Ted. If I do, I will have to call in to one meeting it would be (somewhat) better to attend in person, and will miss the first rehearsal for choir for this season. (The advantage to belonging to a choir at work is that there is a general understanding that sometimes work happens and you can’t make a rehearsal. No one will be censorious if I don’t attend; I’ve just been looking forward to it for weeks.)

Also, it’s nice working while looking out at a lake rather than a cube wall, though admittedly my office desk is more ergonomic.

I am very glad to at least have the option – though my boss did say I needed to notify our next-level manager, who will be at that one meeting.

Oolong notes: the smoke has been gone for a week or so, but she’s still coughing and sneezing and being generally snotty. I’m not sure how much of that is a delayed effect, and how much is because the weather is now being volatile, switching between summer and fall in typical August fashion.

Otherwise, life is going well – real life, I mean, not work – because I’m halfway through the last Kate Daniels novel, which arrived yesterday, and in another few days the latest October Daye book will be arriving. I’m sure I’ll have Kate Daniels withdrawal, but at least there’s more by Ilona Andrews; I haven’t yet read the first book of the related Blood and Iron series, and I’m also enjoying the Innkeeper series, as the latest book has a new chapter posted online every week or so.

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