June 24, 2004

table of (poetic) contents

If I do ever get my archives moved over here, I will regret this entry because I'll have to redo it. In the meantime, though, I want a table of contents of the poems I've posted in the three years I've been keeping an online journal - I do have a spreadsheet on one computer, but this will be more accessible.

LATER NOTE: Updated as of 2/18/2005.

I give fair warning, some of these suck. Some are jokes. Some are not. Some, I will go so far as to say, don't suck.

3/9/2001Ice Fog Dance
3/9/2001Sarah Whistled When She Walked
4/20/2001Marot Translation
5/1/2001Just Don't Tell Me How to Do It
5/15/2001Not All There Is
6/14/2001Parodies of Frost
6/21/2001Hands, Hands, Hands
7/30/2001Model Flying
8/3/2001I've Been Slimed
8/20/2001Notes on Shopping
10/01/2001Sept 11 Attempt
11/7/2001Knuckled Down
12/14/2001The Why of Flight
1/14/2002Change is Crackling
1/24/2002Free Will
2/22/2002The Only One Who
2/22/2002A Day on the River
3/4/2002My Last Girlfriend
3/27/2002Lunar Proem
4/10/2002Brown Eyes
4/18/2002A Life in Brief
4/23/2002Without Words
4/29/2002The Sleep Cycle
6/14/2002Unfriend Fire
6/22/2002The Perfect Guest
6/24/2002The Curdle Fair
8/15/2002Talkin' Ashcroft Blues
8/20/2002A Reply to Service
9/19/2002Turn the World Over
1/7/2002The Quest
2/3/2003Death Comes in Clouds
2/11/2003A Mother's Loss
6/16/2003Sonoran Storm
7/06/2003The Preflight Gavotte
10/29/2003Riding the Wind
12/15/2003A Ghostly Banner
2/23/2004San Francisco, February 2004
4/9/2004Forty Egrets
6/22/2004I Have Not Chosen Sufficiency
6/22/2004Ocean In My Eyes
11/4/2004On Chief Seattle's Land, A Century Later
2/11/2005Peace is Not a Gift
2/15/2005Sea Changes

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